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Marlborough Optical

Hello to you all!

As I write, there is cautious optimism about things getting back to near-normal fairly shortly and we are looking forward to opening our doors once more.

However, social distancing, hand-washing and our heightened awareness of things “bacterial/viral/nasty” will still remain uppermost in our minds. It is with this view that Noel has introduced to this website the on-line shopping forum. Hopefully, it can keep you safe while trying on frames and will also assist us to maintain the high standard of hygiene necessary in these times by minimising frame contact between patients.

We envisage you, our patient, being able to select perhaps two or three frames using the virtual try on facility at home or in our practice. Those frames can then be tried on in-store and your final choice made, measurements are taken and job ordered as normal.

Nothing can compare with the real “touchy-touchy” aspect of things, especially with such a critical purchase as a new pair of spectacles – taking the photographs of our stock has highlighted for us the differences between the real thing and a photograph of it – but we believe that this virtual world will mean less frame sanitisation and help reassure us all.

We are still available to assist wherever needed. Please let us know of any difficulties you may find or comments that you would like to make – it will help us as we navigate this rather different world we find ourselves in now.

Our very best regards to you all, Noel Templeton and staff.